Raise your voice against gender-based cyberviolence

92% of women reported that online violence harms their sense of wellbeing


List of tips on how to handle cyberviolence & hate

The growing trend of online violence against women, which has only accelerated since COVID19, is engendering digital equality by hampering women’s right to express and disseminate opinions, ideas and, information. Women who are subjected to cyberviolence are likely to self-censor or withdraw from social media interaction altogether to avoid abuse. I am Here International is committed to continuing to work to ensure that social media is free from gender-based violence and that women can participate online equally, freely and, without fear.

We hope this list of tips will help women reconquer their rightful place on social media.

The most important thing to know is that you have not done anything wrong. What is written about you is untrue. Those trying to silence you are not right. You have the right to take up space, express what you think, and be yourself.
Do not suffer in silence - tell someone what is going on. You are also free to contact I Am Here International.  We are happy to guide you through it and help out.
Do not read the negative comments or messages you receive - you will not see anything constructive.
We do know that it can be difficult to determine the content of a message unless you open it first - but maybe there is someone that you can ask to scan your messages and comments for you and delete all the negative stuff? That way you won’t have to read upsetting material yourself.
Otherwise, try to read as little of the negative stuff as possible. Delete as much as possible immediately but be careful not to delete any evidence that can be used to file a police report. More on how to file a police report will follow in the next tip.
Report any serious threats immediately. This might seem contradictory to tip nr 3, where we advised you not to read any messages, but if you detect a threatening tone, do take action.
First, you want to collect your evidence by screenshotting the conversation or comment, ensuring you include the date and on which social media platform the message was sent.
It is also important that you report the threat to the social media platform itself. Once all of the evidence is secured, you can block and delete.
Finally it is important that you take care of yourself. You have been a victim of abuse and you do not deserve that. Talk to someone close to you about how you feel, maybe even a professional that can help you get through this difficult time.
It is important to put what you feel and what has happened into words. And, remember that although it can seem that there is an overwhelming amount of hate out there, there are actually more people that believe in love, respect, and equality.
Find and surround yourself with people who believe in kindness and respect. 

Our Campaign Objective

  1. To raise awareness about gender-based cyberviolence
  2. To provide help and guidance to women who face cyberviolence
  3. To spread knowledge about I Am Here's work and efforts in combating hate online


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