Training Programs

We are experts in digital civil courage. Showing our methods and sharing our extensive knowledge of Hate Speech we train people to engage in starting to Counter Speach.

How can your employees, students or members become better at showing civil courage and stand up for human rights?

The Resilience Online training provides improved media skills, moderation techniques and counter speaking strategies. We provide practice and convey tools and tactics that lead to better digital discussion skills.

How can training help you?

Online hate speech affects us all. Hateful comments are spread by a small group that loudly and visibly write their hatred in the comment sections using algorithms, making social media a tool for propaganda, slander, illegal threats and online hate. Their targets are politicians, journalists, artists, researchers and activists who work for human rights. Leaving the impression that this hatred reflects the whole society and deprives people of the courage to participate in the democratic discourse.

To meet this hatred, courage, energy and practised conversation techniques are required.

The training will give delegates an increased understanding of counter speaking and the practical tools for how we can all stand up for what we believe in and help spread other messages.
This training can also greatly benefit the communities your organisation is serving.

training modules

Behind each of these modules, there is much more to pick up and above all, it is possible to get these lectures and workshops from any intersectional perspective.

What participants of our lectures have said:

“I will remember the concrete tips for how we can respond to trolls and boring comments with facts and love. And to back up each other! To take a stand instead of cowardly refrain from writing about things that are important just because I think it will be a bit controversial. I got a good reminder of that. Thanks for a great training!”
– employee of the Church of Sweden