Who We Are



We are a world citizens’ network, with more than 150,000 members in 14 countries, which promotes, defends and upholds freedom of speech and democracy.

We support and empower the targeted and victimized, acting to counter hate speech and misinformation online.

Our Method

Share Facts

We prevent the dissemination of disinformation by helping others by providing sources for fact-checked information.

Share Links

We encourage members to share links to hate-filled comment sections on social media and join others in actions to counter the hate.

Plant A Seed

We ask members to share constructive views and to support those being attacked. Even if you can't see it immediately, words make a difference.

Stay On Topic

We don’t let discussions derail, and keep them focused on the topic.

Push Hate Down

We stop hate by reacting to constructive comments and ignoring the hateful ones. We report comments the violate community standards and the law.

Our Trainings and Workshops


How can your employees, students or members become better at showing civil courage and stand up for human rights?

Our Resilience Online training provides improved media skills, moderation techniques and counter speaking strategies. We provide practice and convey tools and tactics that lead to better digital discussion skills.

It was in May 2016 in Sweden that I started counter-speaking, after realizing how professional trolls start pages and groups on social media to spread misinformation. I saw how they attack and harass journalists, politicians, opinion-formers, especially women, people of color, the LGBTQ community and anyone who speaks up for human rights. I saw that politicians quit their jobs, that journalists dare not cover and report on certain issues and that opinion formers self-censor to avoid attacks.

I realized many more people needed to get involved to stop the hate, support the targeted and stop the polarization by reaching out to the people who shared and retweeted the hateful messages. So, I started the first group on Facebook #jagärhär (#iamhere) so we could organize ourselves, using the hashtag to find each other in the hateful comment sections. One year later we started the group in Germany and since then we have started #iamhere groups together with local representatives from all over the world. We are now over 150 000 people who choose to stand up for what we believe in and who support others that stand up for justice and human rights every day.

Mina Dennert
Secretary General of I Am Here International Association, and founder of the first group in Sweden #jagärhär


Our Manifesto

We take action to make social media a better place.

We transform social media into a safe and constructive environment where people can express themselves freely.

We counter fake news and the spread of misinformation.

We nurture respectful, open, empathetic, polite and
factful conversations.

We share fact-checked and evidence-based information.

We support the targeted so they can continue to express themselves.

We stand up to protect everyone who is assaulted by hate speech.

We defend human rights, democracy and freedom of speech.

Our strength is cohesion and consistency between the groups.

We oppose hate speech, trolling, misinformation, intolerance, racism,  homophobia and other discrimination.

We do not spread hate, prejudice or gossip.

We promote freedom of speech, supporting more diversity and real debate, therefore encouraging more voices to be heard.

Our tools are rationality, respect and empathy.


Our Values

We defend Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Democracy, respecting any human being. We nurture empathetic, benevolent, compassionate and responsible conversations. We share only fact-checked, evidence-based, scientifically-proven and constructive information.

Our Values
our values respect, empathy and factfulness