#iamhere members #iamhere members What we do

Our Mission

We are a civil courage movement countering hate and misinformation online to protect freedom of speech and democracy

What we do


We counter-speak on social media to stop the spread of hate speech, acting every day.


We create and share content to help and inspire counter speech, providing facts and information enabling the silent majority to speak up.


We support the targeted and victimized, enabling them to speak out and we sustain each other, sticking together.

Training Programs

With any of our lectures or workshops, your team will learn
how you to apply our method to your organisation.

We have lectures on how to develop a deeper understanding of the new media landscape, how to counteract racism and other discrimination, how to act in different situations when confronted with hate, and how to support the targeted and strengthen each other.

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What Our Members say:

”Before I commented alone and I was insulted alone. This is no longer the case today and I can continue to promote my solidarity, the acceptance of difference. Today it’s easier with #jesuislà. Thank you for everything and even more for your support”

”Whoah, you are the group, I have been dreaming of. In 10 minutes you have warmed up my heart with your comments. I am terribly happy to be with you and I feel less alone!”

”Thank you for the group, it allows me to see some light. Thank you for that strength that I would otherwise lose. Thank you for everything.”

”I can feel the affection and I can see all your beauty as human beings.”