16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

I am Here International is set to mark the global “16 days of Activism against Gender-based Violence” campaign on 25 November till 10 December by launching an initiative aimed to tackle and raise awareness about the continued prevalence of cyberviolence and hate speech against women. 

The growing trend of online violence against women, which has only accelerated since COVID19, is endangering digital equality by hampering women’s right to express and disseminate opinions, ideas and, information. Women who are subjected to cyberviolence are likely to self-censor or withdraw from social media interaction altogether to avoid abuse.


What We Do


We counter-speak on social media to stop the spread of hate speech, acting every day.


We create and share content to help and inspire counter speech, providing facts and information enabling the silent majority to speak up.


We support the targeted and victimized, enabling them to speak out and we sustain each other, sticking together.


Training Programs

We have educational programs with lectures and workshops on strategies to combat propaganda, discrimination, hate speech and threats online coming up. Our resilience-building events provide the participants with tools and a deeper understanding of how democracy and human rights can be strengthened using our methods.

In the Press

Le Monde

June 02, 2020

Members of our French group #jesuislà spoke to Le Monde about the lack of moderation on Facebook in an opinion piece.

The full article is subscription only.

The American Interest

June 02, 2020

Thomas Kent, a senior fellow of the Jamestown Foundation, mentions our work in this article about civil society activists in Europe that are becoming a powerful tool for fighting disinformation online.

The Guardian

Jan 15, 2019

The Guardian talked to Mina Dennert, the founder of our movement, about how #jagärhär started and how the group works.

What Our Members say:

”Before I commented alone and I was insulted alone. This is no longer the case today and I can continue to promote my solidarity, the acceptance of difference. Today it’s easier with #jesuislà. Thank you for everything and even more for your support.”